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Thursday, April 15, 2010

Alas... Parting is such sweet sorrow

Shakespeare said, "Let slip the dogs of war." Gandhi said, "Prepare for peace." I believe that the path you walk depends on the person you are, and that the person you are is defined by the choices you make. Gandhi also said, "Be the change you want to see in the world." And yesterday, my world - my son, sat there sobbing because he had read the things I'd written in this blog. And I want to change that.

So, it is with a glass a wine (and a little regret), that I'm letting smss go.

That said, I cannot tell you how much I have appreciated each and every comment. I cannot tell you how much I laughed at your posts or responses to mine. And you cannot imagine how theraputic it was to let it out to a group of women who could relate. I'm sure you can relate this time too. Nothing is more important than my child. Rest in Peace Single Mom Seeks Sane.

And for the first time since November 2008, I won't be talking to you next week.


  1. I knew it. I smelt a skunk. I do not know if you remember me. I had questioned the theme of your writings a few weeks ago.

    My fears are confirmed. It is because of women like you that other women suffer (as if men are not enough). If you thought you were the victim? now you have made many others victims as well. Most importantly your kids.

    I feel sorry for your kids. I am guessing they have relayed this to your ex as well. I suspect you will be facing legal action soon. I feel bad for you as well.

    And what about the followers? not one comment? After you talk about your real problem they all hide. How typical. You write about your ex, they all want to know more. You write about hurting your children, you cry for help and no one says anything. You (and others like you, including me) are nothing but entertainment to them. A tragic joke. The more you talk about your past the more they will listen. Shameless voyeurs. Tabloid addicts.
    I hope you have learnt a lesson. But reading what you have written in your last two posts, I see you have not. Take it from some one who has gone through this, worse is about to happen.

  2. Hi Glory,

    So many things... I don't know where to start. So I will make this a mass declaration to all of the posts I've received.

    I'm sorry I have been deleting them without reply. Barring this one, they have been beautiful, funny thoughts filled with kindness and tidbits about peoples' favorite posts. And they have been appreciated. I'm glad they helped you find humor in a sometimes unfunny world.

    As for this one, I'll tell you a story that one of my Native American studies profs told me in college (YEARS and YEARS ago - yes, I'm that old). One day a child came home with two wolves. One was beautiful and silky and strong and gentle. The other was ragged and ugly and mean. And the child named them appropriately, Love and Hate. The village allowed him to keep them, but they were his to care for. And the boy did his best to keep both. He fed them, watered them, and he entertained them.

    Then, one day, the chief came to the child and said, "Pick one. There isn't enough food for two." The boy, who had become attached to both, and who wanted his pets, said, "But the one I turn away will die." And the chief replied, "No, both Love and Hate will go on without you, but the only one that will live HERE is the one you feed."

    I sincerely hope you find peace, Glory. I wish it for every person in this world.